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48 Lots - $1.3 Million Purchase Price

Omar was in his early 20’s and had a great career as a full-time project manager at a construction company.

He had bought a couple small houses and knew he wanted to get into real estate on a bigger level so he could create cash flow and build massive wealth.

That’s when I started teaching him how to buy a mobile home park.

Shortly after, he made a deal and we partnered on it!

Now he’s the owner of a mobile home park and is looking for more deals to invest in to create EVEN MORE cash flow and wealth.

He’s easily going to be a millionaire because of his ability to invest in mobile home parks.


53 Lots - $1.5 Million Purchase Price

Joe was in mobile home parks before I met him.

He was wholesaling parks so he could save up the cash to invest in his first park.

I then started coaching him on the ownership side of mobile home parks and he started looking for his first big investment.

After a couple months of searching, he found a park that was perfect for him.

We partnered on the deal and he now owns his own mobile home park.

To make it even better, he’s currently looking to purchase his SECOND mobile home park and is planning on adding even more parks to his portfolio.


Two Parks! - 22 Lots

Miguel was a contractor and had been flipping deals for a few years.

In 2020, he started flipping mobile homes and quickly realized how much cash flow could be created by owning the park itself.

That's when he set out on his journey to get his first big mobile home park investment.

I started working coaching him on how the game works and the best ways to structure his deals...

And shortly after, he got his first deal!

But it wasn't just one park...

It was TWO!

What a way to start.

More Info About Me

Mario has been in real estate for over 17 years now. He started out flipping homes in 2008 and quickly got burnt out because it was a constant grind. That's why in 2014 he invested in his first mobile home park.

Since then, he's gone on to purchase over 1,000 mobile home lots in numerous states that generate over $5 million a year.

Message from Mario

I'm no better than you. The only difference is that I had the knowledge I needed to get where I am today. Now, I want to share it with you. I made a lot of mistakes that I want to help you avoid.

DON'T start from scratch and try to learn it on your own the hard way! Let me guide you on the fastest way to get your first mobile home parks so you don't go through the same problems I did.

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STOP looking at rundown, overpriced, highly competitive deals...

Close MASSIVE deals even if you don't have millions of dollars to invest...

Never be afraid of pulling the trigger on a deal again...

Watch the video above to discover our 5 step process to find, fund and close your first mobile home park investment or scale your portfolio!

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